24 May 2008

Chicks dig Hamsters!



I think in this next one he looks a little like those rather horrid pictures of baby Jesus blessing everybody:

However, he is quite adorable for a hamster.

I'm going to be meeting him in person in a little more than a month.

(So yeah, I know I've been lazy about posting lately...Boston? What trip to Boston?... on the other hand, my garden is all planted and growing and my house is halfway clean and I've knitted two pairs of socks. So there!)

10 May 2008

April Vacation

I know people are waiting for updates... like, didn't you go to Boston over vacation? Then where are your pictures??? Well, like that line from Big Fish, time slowed down over vacation and afterwards extra-fast to catch up. So here I am, two weekends later, finally able to sit down and post!

The first thing I did, the day before I left, was visit some imps. I wish I still lived near them because I miss them so much! Even though they were bigger than I remember them being (how did that happen?), they are still the same mischievous little lovebugs.

(I can't wait to see you guys this summer!!!)

And then the next day I made it to Boston. There is a simple concept here, but one that evades me sometimes: the closer you get to the equator, the warmer it is. Thus, while everything is brown and mucky and lifeless here in Maine, then in Boston they are actually having this thing called Spring. Whoa.

This is a rose garden not too far from the hostel that I used as a refuge when the city was too loud or populated. As there are no roses (yet), people rarely went in there.

Much of the first afternoon I spent avoiding goose poop while taking pictures of flowers and trees. I was too tired from traveling to do anything exciting!

More later-- I promise!