28 April 2010

Adventures in Teaching

I love teaching. I love every day that I spend with the kids. They are incredible, and funny, and smart, and you would not believe what they say. I am a little worried about what they say to their parents about me, because we talk about some pretty wacky things, but I think that's pretty important for kids who might not otherwise get the chance to learn about the world.

So here are three teaching stories for you. This first one, I was teaching my little math group, where there are two little girls. That particular day, the first little girl was DRIVING ME NUTS-- all whiny and argumentative and pushing all the buttons. My patience was at an end when the second little girl did something dumb-- I can't even remember what it was, just something stupid like she forgot an equals sign or something, and I SNAPPED at her. I looked over at this little girl and she just froze, her eyes slowly welling up--and she wears these thick glasses that make her eyes look ten thousand times bigger than they really are, and all I could see were those tears! And then MY eyes started welling up, and I started apologizing profusely. Poor little girl! Well, the entire rest of the class she pretty much ignored me (not that I blame her!), but when it was time to leave she slipped me this little note.

A few days later this same little girl must have truly forgiven me, because she stuck this note on the wall. (We occasionally use sign language in my room, just because I think it's an important thing for kids to learn-- not to mention it's fun!)

And this last thing... I have no idea what it is. One of the boys drew it. I think he said it was an "elephant wiener dog". Whatever it is, it haunts my dreams.

24 April 2010

Long Time No See

So my father and my sister have been asking about my blog, and I know it's been a while, so here's an aardvark to make up for such lost time.