01 September 2008

Getting ready for the wedding

So this weekend I went to my sister's to help with the wedding preparations. First, I went out and bought a dress. It is SOOOOOOOOO pretty-- I am very much in love with it. It doesn't look like much on the hanger, but don't worry-- there will be pictures of me wearing it in a few weeks!

Next, I headed over to Ellen's. She and Kate needed help making the party favors, so a whole ton of us went over to help.

Step 1: Wash and dry the squeeze bottles.

Step 2: Melt the chocolate (tint it if you like), put it in the squeeze bottles and squirt it into the molds. Important tip #1: don't get the food coloring on your forehead.

Step 3: Put the molds in the fridge. Wait until they're firm.

Step 4: Put the plastic baggies over them, twist-tie them, then put them back into the fridge.

Important Tip #2: Let Mia help, but don't let her get near the chocolate (or Weasley).

Important Tip #3: Seven people and a dog in a 4,000-degree kitchen is fairly uncomfortable, so pray for a cooling sunshower.

...and when you're all done, take a few minutes to kick back and relax!

...So there will be more updates to come as the date gets closer!