26 September 2010

Common Ground Fair 2010

I can't believe it's Common Ground Fair time again! Yay! So to prepare for this trip, I made sure the camera was working. Here's Zeekie, unimpressed by the flashy box. And how come "kitty tv" (the window) now has mute? There's no sound coming from it! Fix it immediately!

So once I got to the fair I hung out at the rendezvous point (the children's tent), and while waiting for Bri and the Hamster I got my face painted. I don't know why more grown-ups don't do this... the people who do it are more than willing to experiment on bigger faces! I told the lady to just go crazy, so I got a bindi and a bunch of green vines-- very pretty.

And since Bri and the Hamster were running late, I kept scanning the crowds of people for people I knew. Amazingly, I ran into Erica, who had Sara, Allen, Rachel and Kathryn in tow. We boogied to a bunch of kids music while Rachel made hay sculptures and paintings and everyone had their lunch. Finally, when these guys moved on, guess who showed up!

This is the elusive Hamster-flavored tomato:

Hamster-flavored carrots are not as willing:

And then we had lunch--yummy thai vegetables with "chicken blocks," which is apparently Hamster-ese word for "tofu." Yum!

It was so good he ended up double-fisting it! :)

And sharing it with "Auntie Emwee."

And we ended up playing in the "zebo" with a bunch of kids his size, and since the Hamster has discovered how to hop with two feet, the "zebo" quickly became a bounce-house-- with wooden floors, no less!

Next up: the animal exhibits! There were goats and horsies and cows and lots of other things. However, Mr. Hamsterpants couldn't understand why he couldn't go into the pens and climb on the animals like he gets to do at home. Sad. :(

Baby cow:

Gratuitous cow-rear-end shot:

Of course, we had to go on a hay-ride with the horsies. Did I tell you that a few weeks ago Bri brought home a goat? She just stuck it in the back of the car and off she went. (It was a boy-goat so that Jake could have it breed with all the girl-goats for 4H, etc.). The Hamster took this all in stride. However, according to 2-1/2-year-old logic, the whole purpose of going to the "fairy" was to get another animal-- and if a goat can fit in the car, then why not a horsie? So the Hamster kept pointing out horsies that were going to come home with him-- even the big Clydesdales. Yup, they'll fit.

And then we had to get the traditional "tennis ball hat" picture... except there is just no way the thing was going to be put on his head this year. The HORROR!!

So therefore Mommy got to wear it instead. "Get it off your head, Mom, you're EMBARRASSING ME!!!"

What a fabulous day it was. It was a blast, like it is every year!!

Oh yes.... My favorite quote of the day was at the Common Ground Fair, when the Hamster looked over at the fences where the horses were, and he told us, quite seriously, "I want a horsie on my butt." "You want a WHAT???" we asked him. So he mimed sitting down and bouncing up and down. "Oh, you mean you want to RIDE a horse," Bri ...said. "YEAH!!" he said, "I want a horsie on my butt!"