30 January 2011

Wait.... I actually have horizontal surfaces?

It weirds me out a little that people live inside boxes called houses, and those boxes are a reflection of who these people are. If that's so, then what does my house say about me?

Today it says that I must have gone a little insane, because it's CLEAN. For me, that's a huge deal. I like things very messy. But sometimes, and only sometimes, I need to purge and scrub and vacuum and find places to put things. Interior decorating, in the sense that a place can be pretty AND functional, is an odd concept for me. Horizontal places are only meant for collecting rubble, right?

However, Santa brought me a really nice Swiffer thingy for Christmas, and you can't just swiff and leave the rest of the place a mess.

So here's the hallway. Hmm. Will we come around the corner and see something out of "Hoarders"?

No, not today. Huh.

I do spy a cat, though.

Me: "I will put this plastic up to keep the cold out and the warm in." Julian: "Who put this forcefield here? How can I do my neighborhood spy patrols now? I'll have to take drastic measures and rip through this ridiculousness! Seriously!"

But back to the tour. A clean kitchen? This is UNTHINKABLE!!

And of course no living room is complete without a gigantic baby carriage. I love the thing, but what to do with it or where to put it is the question..... thus I just parked it in the dead middle of the room and hoped for the best.

Ooooh, there's Julian! I have an idea...

I can always put cats in it!

Hee hee.... Ahem. And over here's the monstrous jade plant...

...and the china cupboard...

...and those random pottery animals Ellen and Kate gave me...

...and my grandmother's antique writing desk.

And finally, here we have a clean bathroom. And since no one wants to see pictures of a toilet (even a clean one), I aimed the camera upwards so you can see my "conservatory". These spider plants are a little over a year old and they are already making lots of babies. And the aloe plant likes it in there too, as long as it doesn't get too cold for its liking.

Now the question is, how long will this clean state LAST??

03 January 2011

When you leave it lying around, the kitties will take advantage of it...

Julian: Oh, you left this box here just for me? How kind!

Zeek: Oh, you left this blanket here just for me? How kind!

Julian: Oh, you left this backpack here just for me? How kind!

[Initiate Kitteh affection-rotation series ...

...rotation in progress...

...rotation complete. Initiate purring sequence. PUUURRRRRRRRRRRRR.]