19 October 2008


If you click on this sad cow, it will show you some pretty funny stuff.

But it's still a sad cow.

(However, I'm happy that "to pull a Palin" has become an official idiom.)

09 October 2008

Informed choices...

You gotta watch this awesome political video... my favorite parts are when one kid is disappointed that Ralph Nader isn't an option, when another asks what a "democrap" is, the random "Ron Paul!" kid, the one who points to Obama and says, "I like Bush!" and the one very puzzled kid there who just asks, "Who the heck is he?"


03 October 2008


I have been a bad blogger. Bad! I have pictures of the wedding, and of the Common Ground fair, and all kinds of stuff, but I've been very busy lately and haven't put anything up yet. So, to make up for it, here is a flow chart. Clickie to embiggeren... it's strangely accurate...