10 January 2009

Julian the Moose

You know, there are days when I am pestered by a 14-pound cat who is deeply infatuated with me. He yowls at me for attention, and reaches up and pets my cheek whenever I'm on the computer, and is often only completely content when he has flopped on my chest and is lovingly gazing into my eyes.

But, I suppose, it could be worse...

I wonder what Julian would look like if he had antlers...

02 January 2009

Christmas Day

As my sister has so lovingly reminded me, I haven't put up Christmas DAY yet and she didn't like being left hanging (not that I blame her). Thus, may I present to you...

Christmas Day Greed Shots!

We have had obligatory greed shots since I was a baby. We sit on the top of the stairs, and are not allowed to come downstairs and see the loot until we are photographed. These are often extremely beautiful pictures, as we are able to display spontaneously both eyes-popping-out-of-head greediness AND just-rolled-out-of-bed bleariness. Lovely.

This year we added a third member to our photography shoot. Yay Kate!

Then we surveyed the loot.

Is that a Grad School acceptance letter in the tree?

Before opening anything, we just walked around looking extremely attractive.

It took us only about an hour, but we opened all of our presents. I got a vacuum and a staple hammer. It just isn't a good Christmas unless you are given potential murder weapons.

After this Christmas bacchanalia, we settled into the cozy after-effects of such bliss. Mostly we just sat around, being amused by everything and anything that wandered into our field of vision. Case in point: Rudolph, the blow-up deer head, given to Dad by Aunt Wendy. It is quite possibly the most disturbing present ever.

There were also lots of small round furry kittens to watch. This one is Marcella, but we think she is a boy so she's also known as Martin.

The other kittens are no-names.

This is a Stealth Cat (TM), who we believe is some sort of Russian spy.

Kate was very amused by the Little Golden Book version of Walt Disney's Santa's Toy Shop (1950).

And then there's this...

Not all of these kittens belong to this cat (different litters, different moms) so her expression is priceless. It reminds me of this lolcat picture...

funny pictures of cats with captions

Merry Christmas!