27 February 2011

Kids these days don't know what they're missing....

So the other day my dad randomly said, "Do you remember that story about that dog thing that was a spy, and he was known for his disguises? And something about he was a dancer to catch the bad guys?"

... it took me a few minutes to realize that Dad had meandered back about thirty years in the past, but I realized that he was talking about one of my very favorite childhood authors: Richard Scarry!! I had forgotten how much I loved him-- in fact, all of my copies of the Richard Scarry books that I have have no covers whatsoever, and various pages were scribbled on by Little Me, and there are ripped pages and pages missing and the spines are all broken... evidence that our family read these books until they could no longer hold their shapes.

So without further ado, I present.... COUSCOUS!

(Click to embiggeren!)

Which one was Couscous? There is a clue in the picture where Couscous is meeting with his cat and mouse assistants...

Although there are many quality kid's books written today, none compares to the awesomeness of THIS.

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