02 February 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My (Or The Day We Saw Some Melted Animals)

Since today is a snow day, so I've decided to go back through some summer pictures and share them with you!

One of the best days I had was when I took my buddy E to the zoo. He had been bugging me and bugging me to take him, so we took an afternoon and went out there. Turns out, this was one of the hottest days this summer, so the animals weren't nearly as perky as they could have been, but it was still fun.

The first things we saw was this little cutie, being all cute and napping in the shade.

After oohing and aawing over him for a little while, we visited with the goats.

The goats made us laugh-- E had a handful of treats, and was being bravely feeding them to the little goaty goats...

... when this HUGE FOUR-HORNED GOAT came out of nowhere, and started whacking his horns against the fence to get to the treats. E was briefly terrified, and so was I.

But we had to laugh when we saw a horizontal kangaroo. The vertical kangaroo kept going up to it and annoying it-- "Hey buddy, hey buddy, hey buddy, lookit, lookit!" and the horizontal one was like, "Dude. Leave me alone! It's too HOT to play!"

I kept asking E if we would get in trouble for trying to sneak a piglet out of the zoo. He told me I could go ahead, but he wouldn't help me do it. Even when I told him I'd let him keep one. He's no fun.

Then we got to the Big Cat section. E liked this sign:

The Big Cats were mostly just Big Cat Puddles due to the heat, but they were still fascinating. E liked the bobcats and the mountain lions...

...while I like thed lions and tigers. This tiger was lying so close to us that I could get a good idea of how big his paw was-- if E got too close to it, the paw would easily cover his entire face. You tend to forget just how big the Big Cats are until they are right next to you.

And then we found the lions. Mr. Lion says, "Dear, I know it's hot, but please...you're embarrassing me... people are watching us."

Mrs. Lion says: "I don't care. Too hot."

Mr. Lion says: *SIGH*

Okay, now let me tell you something about my buddy E. He can be a very serious little guy, on the solemn side, very thoughtful and quiet. But when we rounded this corner, he burst out laughing-- and he laughed so hard that tears were coming out of his eyes. "What's the matter, E?" I asked, as I had not seen what he had.

He looked at me, and between giggles, said-- "Look! The bobcat MELTED!"

Tee hee! After the Big Cats, we came to the random animal section: Lizards...

...parrots (E even got it to say "Polly want a cracker"!)...



...peacocks and peahens and peachicks...

The tortoises were funny. We saw only one first, then another, then another... and they all started moving in the same direction-- towards a door. So E and I started making up voices for them: "Hey, is this the way to the bathroom?" "Is this the line to get tickets?" "No, I think it's where we get autographs." "Lemme in, lemme in!"

Then it was time to go, so we said one last goodbye to all the animals, and we went to get ice cream at Tubby's. Mmm. And of course, when we got back to civilization, all E wanted to do was this:

"Look, I'm a bobcat!"


Spencer Isaac Roberts said...

Hahaha, that's great! Looks like it was fun. Hard to imagine the heat of the summer this time of year though.

kevtansey@yahoo.com said...

Roberta has shell-envy! Also, I know a Maine hedgehog dealer... (Miss you, hoping you reply)