30 December 2007

Cassady's Socks

My friend--no, my best friend-- Cassady requested knee socks, so I have been working on them. It's a pattern I made up-- just decreasing by 4 sts every ten rows, and then a row of simple eyelets--and I am just ready to start the heel now. This is such lovely yarn, and the color-- it's a not-too-obnoxious electric blue with flashes of green and chestnut here and there. This is Apple Laine's Apple Pie line, in the color Best Friends. (Cassady and I work together, and all of the kids tease us about being best friends (when I walk into her room, her students yell out, "your best friend's here!!") so I thought this particular yarn was especially apropos.

In other news, my sister gave me a Tazo tea sampler for Christmas, and I have been working my way through every flavor. Some I have had already, like "Awake" (strong and black) and "Passion" (a fruity herbal blend) but some are ones I have never seen before-- "Joy", (a green, black and oolong blend), "Organic Chai" (heavy on the spices, especially the anise-- yum) and "Berryblossom White" (a white tea with blueberry and cranberry flavors--absolutely delicious). I wish I liked minty teas, because there are so many out there, but they just make my stomach churn so I avoid them-- so the "Zen" tea doesn't get a strong vote for me (yay for lemongrass, nay for spearmint). But overall, these are some incredibly yummy teas.

I know---- I sound a little like a wine connoisseur: "lots of toast and vanillins, outstanding apple and pear in the nose and taste, complex and lingering with an oaky finish." If I ever wanted to change my profession, I could be a professional tea connoisseur!

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